The band was founded in 2015, the line up was completed in 2017 and finally 2018 got named „wrynotion“.

Somewhere in deepest westfalia the six members write their own songs. The main style is a sort of progressive rock.

Christian & Arne (aka ChristiArne)

Drums & Bass

Met once upon a time in the sandpit, can play together even on long distance without hearing each other.

Appropriate for: rhythm and groove

Joe & Frank (aka Thesis & Antithesis)

Guitar & Guitar (+ Vocals)

Quite the opposite of each other. Reference Crunch versa „colorful“ Distortion. Always different opinions result in an unusual mix.

Appropriate for: power and progression

Käthe & Michael (aka The Teatchers)

Vocals + Keys

Her voice! His organs!

She just needs a microphone, he is hard to find behind his equipment.

Appropriate for: melody and slop