An overview of the songs:

2016: Plastic Europe

music by wrynotion, lyrics by Frank.
The song is about the urge to reunite Europe.

Arms are sold everywhere, The killing goes on,
War of the cultures. And no voice seems to be loud enough to counter.
They keep us busy with the papers, While they sow envy and rage between us.

We weight the costs of chance , Against the costs of change.
We weight the wages of war, Against the breaking of peace.
There is no measure, For the breach of ethics in bills.
While we rage against the fears instead of grabbing for the skills.

What is beyond the starving, In this plastic Europe?
Is it still meaning something,Or is it just unboxing.

2017: Systematic

music and lyrics by Joe.
The song is about a certain style of goverment

The system’s working, the train is running, down the track
Hear engines roaring, feel a cold breathing, in the neck
Nothing is random, precision like a, game of chess
Deadly in routine, predestinated, it seems

Do not believe them, keep asking, doubting, scrutinize.
The crucial factor, is what they gonna, idealize.
Go find the backbone, make sure you take your, time to muse.
And when it’s your turn, you will know which way, you may chose.

Necessary, ultimate, mandatory, foreordained,
Inevitable, unavoidable.
Necessary, ultimate, mandatory, foreordained,
Inevitable, anyway you chose.

Good, bad or evil, no categories, as you see.
Exclusive logic, only solutions, let’s break free!
Sharpen your senses, challenge the routine, they deny.
A clockwork orange, flourishes as time keeps, running (running).

Necessary, ultimate,

Its self-preservation, is condition, of existence,
Its self-preservation, is condition, of existence,
Its self-preservation is condition of its existence,
Its self-preservation is all you need to know.
Its self-preservation, is condition, is all you need to know.

2018: Everything (cut the wires)

music by wrynotion, lyrics by Frank & Käthe.
The song is about puppets cutting their wires

Everything you used to hate, Cut the wires

You live on the right side, of the barricade,
But everyday, you blame your fate.

You invest in bombs, they beg for seed.
A ton of gold for you, for them a piece of lead.

Everything you used…

Maybe it’s just you getting old, Maybe it’s the world getting cold,
Not everything is like you’ve been told, Not everything is like you’ve been told.

Swapping moral for millions, creates hunger for millions.
Your honour and glory still don’t feed the hungry ones.

Everything you used…

2018: Running

music by wrynotion, lyrics by Frank
The song is about free yourself from everything pulling you down

So it took its time to sweep up all the broken glass,
To toss out all that reminds me of you,
I have wasted a lot of time watching growing grass,
I have wasted a lot of tears for you.

I missed the moment when loving turned into longing,
Endless wishing, hope and fears thronging,
I marked myself down as a bit player in your games,
While you were driven by different aims.

But I can run,
I still can run,
After nursing the patience,
For too long.

Till all had gone,
All the fights that can’t be won,
After all the crying,
I have found out I still can run.

But now I run,
On my own,
After nursing the sadness,
And feeling alone.

That all has gone,
I am worth to get as much as I want,
And I won’t fight for love anymore,
I just had to run through an open door.